Kaiser Home Staff Kathy Cardona

Kathy Cardona

Program Coordinator

Kathy has 26 years of experience in this field from early childhood intervention to the aged and disabled. She has been a Foster parent to 13 children over the years, all with various disabilities. Outside of work she coaches Special Olympics and loves to travel.

Kaiser Home Staff Laurie Harbold

Laurie Harbold

Program Coordinator

Laurie has been in this field of work for 8 years. She and her husband have been married for 25 years and they have one son. She enjoys her three dogs and going camping.

Kaiser Home Staff Rhonda Callam

Rhonda Callam

LPN Educator

Rhonda is an LPN with 25 years of experience working in hospitals, nursing homes and home health. She is our Nurse Educator and responsible for training new and existing staff and writing care plans for our clients. She enjoys going to the casino, working with her blackberries, helping with fundraisers and traveling with family and friends.
Kaiser Home Staff Max LaHue

Max Lahue

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Max has 33 years of experience working in the human services field. He has been a direct support staff, a home manager and a program coordinator during these years. Max has substantial experience in assessing the needs of clients as well as supervising staff. His interests are squirrel hunting, fishing, reading, IU basketball, and most importantly his family.

Kaiser Home Staff Karen Ellenbrand

Karen Ellenbrand

Program Coordinator

Karen has been with Kaiser Home Support Services for 8 years. Karen specializes in working with individuals who receive CIH waivers.

Kaiser Home Staff Melissa Pitt

Melissa Pitt

Program Coordinator

Melissa has been a part of this line of work for 25 years. Melissa specializes in support for individuals receiving CIH waiver services.

Kaiser Home Staff Edie Begley

Edie Begley

Utilization Coordinator

Edie has worked in this field for 8 years, 3 of which have been at Kaiser. Edie works to maximize utilization with client and staffing hours to ensure our clients receive their needed care.

Kaiser Home Staff Rhonda Stotts

Rhonda Stotts

Program Coordinator

Rhonda Stotts has worked 3 years for Kaiser, and 12 years in this line of work. Rhonda specializes in A&D waiver services.