Waivers & Programs

Coverage may be available through Indiana Medicaid programs, such as A&D, TBI, Choice, SSBG, and Title III, PAC, and Caregiver’s Support. Contact our office at 812-945-6868 for consultation, Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM.

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The A&D Waiver provides an alternative to nursing facility admission for adults and persons of all ages with a disability. The waiver is designed to provide services to supplement informal supports for people who would require care in a nursing facility if waiver or other supports were not available. Waiver services can be used to help people remain in their own homes, as well as assist people living in nursing facilities to return to community settings such as their own homes, apartments, assisted living or Adult Family Care.

The TBI Waiver provides home and community-based services to individuals who, but for the provision of such services, would require institutional care. Through the use of the Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver (TBI), the Indiana Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning and the Indiana Division of Aging seek to increase availability and access to cost-effective traumatic brain injury waiver services to people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury. Indiana defines a traumatic brain injury as a trauma that has occurred as a closed or open head injury by an external event that results in damage to brain tissue, with or without injury to other body organs. Examples of external agents are: mechanical; or events that result in interference with vital functions. Traumatic brain injury means a sudden insult or damage to brain function, not of a degenerative or congenital nature. The insult of damage may produce an altered state of consciousness and may result in a decrease in cognitive, behavioral, emotional, or physical functioning resulting in partial or total disability not including birth trauma related injury.

The FSSA Divison of Aging uses the Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) to fund a number of different in-home, community-based, and facility-oriented services targeted for low-income older adults and persons with disabilities.


The Community and Home Options to Institutional Care for the Elderly and Disabled (CHOICE) provides case management services, assessment, and in-home and community services to individuals who are at least 60 years of age or persons of any age who have a disability due to a mental or physical impairment and who are found to be at risk of losing their independence.

CHOICE funds may only be utilized after an applicant has been determined and documented ineligible for Medicaid or if currently eligible for Medicaid, after a determination that the requested service(s) is not available from Medicaid.

Title III-B Supportive Services and Senior Center Programs are provided through Indiana’s 16 Area Agencies on Aging. The services, under the Older Americans Act, as amended, organize, coordinate and provide community-based services and opportunities for older individuals and their families.